Art Meets Story

My passion is creating transformative works of art with story.

Woven within any powerful story is the intimate moments of humanity that speak louder than words. It’s these moments that have become the foundation of all my work. I use storytelling to captivate audiences in ways that transcends boundaries and differences. It’s through story that I find a voice with a conscious means of informing, entertaining, and ultimately bringing people together.

As a freelance documentary filmmaker and photographer I also partner with organizations around the world to document social impact through film, photo and interactive design. Together we craft powerful works of art that speak louder than traditional media.

Using story to captivate, connect and invariably change lives.

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  • Documenting immigration crisis in United States.
  • The Voyager Shining Sicily episode premiered on NBC.
  • Based in Colorado and Asia.


  • Documented migrant crisis in Sicily.
  • Completed Knight Center Video Journalist course.
  • National Park Service premiered Petrified Forest Doc.
  • Worked on NBC’s The Voyager production in Sicily.
  • Began Italian classes in an old monastery.
  • Based in Sicily.


  • Completed filming This Is The Camp.
  • Gave art Supplies to child refugees in Bekaa.
  • Taught doc workshop in refugee camp.
  • Here and There Shatila photo project.
  • Children of Bekka refugee photo project.
  • Based in Lebanon.


  • Documented Palestinian refugee issue in Middle East.
  • Gave art supplies to refugee children in Jordan.
  • Screened new trailer and had a camp photo exhibit.
  • Exhibited Conflict Speaks in a Colorado refugee cafe.
  • Photo and video published: HuffPost.
  • Co-founded an art supply ngo for refugee children.
  • Began filming for Intl NGO Water For People
  • Based in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Colorado.


  • Documented refugee crisis in Lebanon.
  • This Is The Camp feature doc begins in 3 countries.
  • Conflict Speaks refugee photo project.
  • Traveled across Peru in search of endangered artisans.
  • Photo project published: Edge of Humanity Magazine.
  • Began learning Arabic in Egypt.
  • Based in too many countries.


  • Documented police brutality in Denver.
  • Documented education and social programs in Brazil.
  • Filmed cock fighting in Puerto Rico.
  • Raised awareness of Liberian Ebola stigma.
  • Estamos Juntos (We Are Together Doc).
  • Tania Monarca feature doc finished.
  • Began filming for SESI Brazil Social Services Schools.
  • Based in Colorado.


  • Graduate AGS Writing and Directing Colorado Film School.
  • Won first place documentary student show.
  • My Dream premiered for CO Governor.
  • Video published: The Electronic Intifada.
  • Began filming for US NGO Meet the Middle East
  • Based in Colorado.


  • Produce first commercial doc in Brazil.
  • Filmed funkeiras in City of God.
  • Learned Portuguese.
  • Founded 4N Pictures International.
  • Began filming first feature doc.
  • Began filming for Intl NGO US-Brazil Connect.
  • Based in Colorado.


  • Graduate University of Denver BS International Business.
  • Founded first Social Entrepreneur club at DU.
  • Studied Intl business in Sofia University Japan.
  • Learned Japanese.
  • Based in Colorado.

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